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Call on the Experts in Industrial Refrigeration

Turn to A & B Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning for your industrial, retail, and commercial refrigeration needs—for the installation, maintenance, and repairs of the refrigeration systems in your southeast Michigan business. Why go anywhere else? When your business requires appliances that deliver dependable, state-of-the-art refrigeration, we’re the experts who can install the technology you need. If your existing equipment breaks downs and malfunctions, threatening the integrity of your inventory and your ability to attract and serve customers, we’re the ones to call for prompt and knowledgeable service. If you’re committed to the regular maintenance of your commercial refrigeration equipment to prevent untimely interruptions in service, our trained and experienced technicians and well-equipped fleet of vehicles stocked with parts and tools are ready to perform the services recommended by the manufacturer, during the life of your equipment.

You’ll be our valued A & B customer and we’ll look after all your commercial and industrial refrigeration needs. From the first time we meet you, we think of ourselves as your team member, actively contributing to the success of your business. Working side-by-side with you to ensure that your customers are serviced properly, you can count on us to:

  • Install your commercial refrigeration equipment so it performs without interruption

  • Service your refrigeration equipment promptly when needed

  • Provide regular preventive maintenance so your industrial refrigeration equipment functions efficiently in both low- and peak-demand times

  • Update your commercial refrigeration equipment to look like new

  • Remove your refrigeration equipment when it’s ready to be replaced

In short, when it comes to commercial refrigeration, we can do it all. Why go anywhere else?

We’ll Install Your New Refrigeration Technology

When your current equipment is ready to be replaced, A & B will remove it and install the next generation of equipment in its place. Coordinating the removal of the old with the delivery of the new, our technicians are trained to:

  • Remove existing mechanical and electrical systems

  • Recover HVAC refrigerant according to safety guidelines

  • Assemble, install, and operate new industrial refrigeration evaporators, compressors, condensers, and pumps

  • Inject refrigerants and lubricants that meet temperature requirements and conform to manufacturers’ specifications

  • Complete the welding, wiring, and placement of pipes, tubes, fittings, and meters

  • Calculate the refrigeration load and set pressure regulators and controls that govern temperature, air circulation, and defrosting

  • Complete all work in accordance with federal and state regulations related to the disposal of hazardous waste, environmental protection, and safety

Once we’ve completed the installation of your new commercial refrigeration equipment, our technicians will start it up, run it, measure its output, adjust it, and ensure that it’s operating at or above the manufacturer’s design specifications. In short, once we put it in, we stay until we’re sure it’s running right. We’ll stop back later, too, to make the minor adjustments it takes to get your system operating at peak efficiency. You can count on A & B to get your new refrigeration system in place and make sure it’s running as it should.

We’ll Respond Promptly to Your Refrigeration Emergency

When you call us for emergency repairs, we’ll prioritize your call to the top of our list. A & B’s fully equipped fleet of vehicles stocked with ample parts inventories can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to address your emergency. We are able to communicate with our technicians on the road. We use a computerized tracking system customized for our business to adjust workloads, reprioritize assignments, access your company’s service history and equipment needs, and readily retrieve the right parts for your job.

You can’t afford to wait for someone else while your inventory of perishables warms and spoils, your ice melts, or your flowers wilt. For your refrigeration emergency, call us at A & B. We’ll be right there.

We’ll Do Preventive Maintenance to Avoid Future Emergencies

A & B encourages regular maintenance for your refrigeration system to prevent equipment breakdowns and malfunctions and to extend the life of your appliances. Let us sign you up for one of our preventive maintenance programs, so we can become your partner in maintaining your equipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We’ll provide you with a planned maintenance schedule that covers the life of your equipment. On the day we’re scheduled to visit, we’ll call you to let you know we’re on our way. When we arrive, we’ll thoroughly check each system in every appliance covered by the agreement, using our comprehensive systems checklist as our guide. Among other things, we’ll test for and repair leaks; drain lines; check refrigerant levels; test for carbon monoxide; inspect pulleys, venters, and motors; replace and renew lubricants, gases, and fluids; remove worn hoses and belts and install new ones; tighten loose parts; clean dirty areas, and make minor repairs. We’ll assess potential problem areas and make recommendations on how to address them. We’ll enter everything into our computerized database, so it becomes part of your company’s history at A & B. We’ll provide you with a computer-generated checklist that shows what we’ve done and what we’re recommending.

As a valued A & B client, you’ll find that preventive maintenance pays for itself in:

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Lower utility bills

  • Protection of your equipment investment

  • Fewer or no interruptions in customer service

  • Peace of mind

And when you sign a preventive maintenance contract with A & B, you’re given preferred customer attention, regular visits, and top priority when your refrigeration equipment needs service. At A & B, preventive maintenance is carried out thoroughly and knowledgeably, by qualified and experienced A & B technicians. Be safe, not sorry, with A & B preventive maintenance.

We’ll Remove Your Refrigerated Cases Safely

When you’re ready to change out your refrigeration equipment, our EPA-certified technicians will properly shut down your refrigerated cases and reclaim your HVAC refrigerant, all according to EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) regulations. You won’t have to worry with A & B. We’ve had years of experience and come prepared with the latest tools and technology. You can put your refrigeration removal job in our hands with confidence.

A & B Technicians Are Experienced in the Care of Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

With A & B as a permanent member of your company’s service team, our technicians develop relationships with your maintenance supervisor, service mechanic, manager, and building superintendent, work to understand your priorities, get to know your industrial refrigeration equipment, and address your unique service needs.

Our current clients refrigeration clients include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Medical buildings
  • Florists
  • Convenience stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Funeral homes
  • Theaters
  • Schools
  • Salons
  • Military bases

We’re experienced with all types of refrigeration equipment, including:

  • Dairy cases
  • Bakery coolers
  • Meat cases
  • Floral cases
  • Frozen food cases
  • Beverage storage
  • Salad bars
  • Ice machines

We install refrigeration equipment from all manufacturers, including:

  • Hussmann
  • Danfoss
  • CPC
  • Stark
  • Scottsman

Contact A & B for All Your Commercial Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioner Needs

Let us serve you. If this is your first contact with A & B, we invite you to visit our headquarters, meet with our technicians, ride in one of our trucks, go on a service call with us, see our computerized tracking system, meet with our fleet managers, and—most of all—talk to the customers we serve. Ask our customers about how promptly we answer their calls, how much we contribute to the smooth operation of their businesses and the integrity of their customer service, and how much they rely on us for our expertise and experience. We invite you to get to know us better. Contact us:

  • by phone at (313) 565-2474

  • by fax at (313) 565-5272

  • by email

Why go anywhere else? You can rely on A & B. We look forward to serving you.